Houston Concierge Medicine Program

The Houston Concierge Medicine (HCM) Program is an option you may choose within Dr. Houston’s current practice. Dr. Houston will allocate hours each day exclusively for members of the program. During concierge program hours, Dr. Houston will see a very limited number of patients per hour. As a result, appointments will be available same day and will begin on time! Follow-up visits can be scheduled during concierge hours or traditional hours for members. The advantage for members is more personal time with Dr. Houston for your medical care; more time for advice, consultation, advocacy, emotional support; and to help you manage all of your health care needs.

Express Patient Care

Limited number of patients per hour with appointments that begin on time!

Followup Visits

Members can schedule visits during concierge hours or traditional hours.

Membership Advantage

More personal time for your medical care, advice, consultation, advocacy, emotional support, and your health care needs.

Patient Membership

Membership is on a yearly basis and begins July 1 and ends June 30 of the following year. Ask for our brochure for program details. We will be able to provide you with program details, membership forms, and current membership fees.

For additional information concerning the Houston Concierge Medicine Program, please call (615-297-5551) and ask for Dr. Houston’s office.