Hypertension Institute Hormone Program

Hormone Therapy

The definition of a bioidentical hormone is simply a hormone that is atom for atom the same hormone that is endogenously produced in the human body. It is produced in a lab from the active ingredients of the wild yam and it looks and acts just like our natural hormone.

Benefits of BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy)

  • Fewer side effects than synthetic hormones
  • Protection against heart disease
  • Improved cholesterol, lipid and CRP (C Reactive Protein) levels
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Maintain healthy bones, muscles and stamina
  • Slower appearance of aging
  • Better maintained libido
  • Feel and look younger

Causes of Hormone Imbalance

  • Aging and genetics
  • Poor diets excess sugar & carbohydrates, lack of healthy fats & oils, low fiber & water intake, insufficient vitamins, minerals & nutrients, processed & fast foods
  • Exposure to toxins pesticides, preservatives, second-hand smoke, etc.
  • Stress depletes the adrenal glands and can create an imbalance among all hormones
  • Lifestyle lack of daily exercise, poor or insufficient sleep, alcohol, smoking, etc.
  • Poor general health

Goals of BHRT

  • Alleviate the symptoms of hormone depletion caused by aging, stress and/or environmental factors
  • Give protective benefits that were originally provided with balanced hormone levels in your 20s and 30s.
  • Re-establish hormone balance.