Thorne Research, Inc., a leader in developing and manufacturing pure, high-quality nutritional supplements that are marketed through licensed healthcare practitioners, has partnered with Mark Houston, MD, MS, M.Sc, and the Hypertension Institute to launch TruCardia®, a new venture providing novel nutritional supplements and educational programs to support and promote cardiovascular health.

Dr. Houston, in collaboration with Thorne Research, has developed a range of nutritional supplements and patient resources. Dr. Houston is the Director of the Hypertension Institute, one of the nation’s leading centers for cardiovascular health and a Cardiovascular Center of Excellence of the Consortium for Southeastern Hypertension Control, treating more than 20,000 patients each year.

Products Backed by 15 Years of
Nutritional Research and Clinical Review

The TruCardia nutritional supplement product line was developed using the most advanced research technologies available for the support of cardiovascular health.

A combination of peer-reviewed medical and scientific literature, metabolomics-based composition and molecular pathway analysis, clinical research, and expert insight was used to determine the range of ingredients and dosing levels to achieve optimal efficacy of the TruCardia nutritional supplement line.

TruCardia products are formulated using advanced technology, contain pure ingredients and botanicals, and are free of contaminants and magnesium stearate. This ensures optimal cellular absorbability which means results.

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TruCardia® is a collaboration between the renowned Hypertension Institute, directed by Dr. Mark Houston, specialist in cardiovascular medicine, and Thorne Research, the global leader in nutritional supplements. Each TruCardia formula has been carefully designed and manufactured to address the nutritional needs of patients who need to better manage their cardiovascular health.*

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