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UNIQUE OMEGA EFor over 50 years A.C. Grace Company has been providing tens of thousands of healthcare professionals in all fields of practice, their patients and consumers worldwide, a line of PURE Multi-E products.

Since 1962, the company has used proprietary processes to extract only PURE Vitamin E oil from its raw sources. The ingredients are PURE and NATURAL — with NO fillers, NO colors, NO left-over source oils, NO gluten, NO soy protein, NO diluent of any kind!

Vitamin E is known for its benefits in supporting cardiovascular health, circulatory health, metabolic health, dermal health, and promoting healthy blood flow, healthy cholesterol levels, and so many other whole health issues.

The company recently introduced UNIQUE OMEGA E+® — developed by leading nutrition and medical experts in collaboration with Dr. Mark Houston and the Hypertension Institute – this product is a unique, comprehensive approach to cardiovascular health and healthy blood pressure.

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High Omega-3s combined with tocopherols, tocotrienols and other supporting ingredients to help manage healthy inflammation cycles and support cardiovascular health and healthy blood pressure.* (Read more)

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